Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Vandervorts Do Disney 2009-Wednesday

Last Wednesday, we woke early and made it to the Magic Kingdom for opening. We had a lot of stuff we still wanted to do there, so we wanted to make the most of Ian and Aaron's "best" hours. We rode Aladdin's magic carpet ride, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Aaron promptly nursed himself to sleep on the Pirates ride and proceeded to sleep for the next hour or so.

We met Jesse & Woody. Roger took Ian on Haunted Mansion. We rode It's A Small World again. Then Peter Pan's Flight, the Carousel, The Teacups, & Dumbo. (We didn't get pics of Dumbo or the teacups... have you ever tried wrangling a 2 year old & a 1 year old in a ride queue? Add in a camera & that... well, we didn't take pictures.)

We ate lunch in Pinnochio's. It is basically a cafeteria, but the kid's meals were decently priced. We headed back over to Toon Town because it was about 37,000 degrees. We let the boys play in the fountains again. Then I got to take Ian on the Barnstormer rollercoaster. (SO FUN! It is really like the best little kids' rollercoaster ever. Ian really, REALLY liked it.) After the fun in Toon Town, we were really, really hot and pretty tired. We bought some frozen lemonades and headed down to Main Street to wait for the parade. It rained on us for about 9 minutes. We let the rain come down on us. It felt nice! The parade was cute. Belle (of Beauty and the Beast fame) blew a kiss to Ian from the float, and he blew one back. She saw it and got a huge smile on her face. It was adorable.

Wednesday evening, I went to Raglan Road at Downtown Disney for a Mom's Night Out with my girlfriends. We had a great time. I had fish & chips and coke.

Little did I know, back at the hotel, Aaron was FREAKING OUT, crying so hard he was puking, etc. Roger had taken Ian to Downtown Disney (on a Daddy-Son night of fun?). They spent an hour in the LEGO store alone! I rode home from dinner with Roger & Ian. When we got back to the hotel, Aaron was sleeping in his bed, but my parents reported he had cried himself to sleep and had not eaten anything at all, plus vomited a couple of times. Poor baby! I'm so sorry!

On the plus side, we all slept pretty well Wednesday night!

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