Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sticking her tongue out at us!

Nanny Nanny Boo Boo! Little Miss is a little spicy already! Yesterday she was opening and closing her mouth during the u/s (we got it on video!) and all of a sudden she stuck out her tongue and waggled it at us! Ha ha!

Here's a still from the video:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

22 Weeks 5 Days

The follow-up ultrasound for the images they didn't get last time:

Little Miss is definitely a girl, is healthy & in the 48th percentile for size at this point, weighing in at just over a pound an about 10 inches crown to rump.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Potty Talk

Who would have ever imagined that potty training Ian on a random Monday 3 weeks before he turns 3 would be a success story in the making? Not Me! Perhaps I was selling him short, perhaps I just know too many other little boys who weren't/aren't ready at this age. Perhaps the Lord has given us this blessing as a way for us to plainly see that not everything we do is a challenge?

I'll go with the last. I don't think even a week ago, that Ian was ready to ditch diapers. I'm certain it was no accident that I woke up Monday morning thinking, "this is the day!" How can I be certain of that? Because I still have no idea what possessed me to try it.


I'm in no way calling it a complete victory. I am well aware there will be many trials to come, but I'm sitting here on Friday after 5 straight days of Ian wearing underpants! He's had remarkable success. I think in 5 days he's had only 3 accidents total. He's been on two shopping trips, a stroll around the neighborhood, a morning of school, & a trip to the McDonald's Playplace. I should also say that all 3 accidents occurred at home, not out and about. It's amazing to me.

We have a little success/reward chart on the fridge & we have a whole new set of McQueen underpants that Ian picked out. We're well on our way.

And I'm Delighted!

So if you see Ian, go ahead & make a huge deal about it. He's really proud of himself. And we're right there with him!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Just wanted to blog this 'cause it is so darn cute!

A Crock Pot Giveaway!

My friend Kristy over at Waiting For Happy is giving away a crock pot! Just go to THIS POST on her site to enter!

Also, you should add her blog to your list. It's a good one!

I hope you win. Or I do. Either one.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Since it is raining today

We'll try going pee in the potty all day. So far so good. 2 trips to the potty (and by trips I mean, 3 steps over to his potty chair in the living room) and no soiling of the Mater underpants. He DOES ask for a diaper every time he has to go, which is how I know he's got the urge.

We'll see how the rest of the day goes. There's no pressure at all, but it sure would be nice if he got the hang of it!


It's now 7pm and we're closing in on bedtime. Ian hasn't had a single accident today. He has peed in the potty 6-7 times and pooped once. I'm guessing there will be one more BM before we put jammies on. He did great. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Aaron almost never willingly looks at the camera to smile, so I was pretty happy to have him do it today while we were outside playing! By the way, it was 70 degrees and nothing but sunshine both yesterday and today. We could get used that this kind of weather. Hard to believe that just a short month ago we were buried under several feet of snow. I LOVE SPRING! I can't wait for the daffodils to start blooming!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random News

  • I had a doctor's appointment this morning. Little Miss is growing just fine. Her heart rate was 155bpm, my blood pressure was 115/69 (which is what happens when you are kid & caffeine free for the morning), only gained a pound (so, 2 so far) and everything is right on track.
  • We'll be having another ultrasound in a couple of weeks because my OB is cool like that. He believes peace of mind is priceless for parents who have had trouble in previous pregnancies. So we'll get another peek at Little Miss!
  • Dr. S. was grinning ear to ear with the news that baby is a girl and moreover that the kidneys are perfectly normal. He is truly a caring doctor. I happen to love him for his excellent care.
  • Aaron is weaned. He skipped bedtime nunnies on Saturday because he was so tired when Roger & I got home from our night out w/o the kids. He was exhausted again on Sunday from a short nap day & skipped again. So I just went with it and intentionally we've skipped bedtime nunnies ever since.
  • Aaron currently has a sinus infection for which he is on Augmentin. He's also still coughing from the cold Ian lovingly shared 2 weeks ago. Aaron's pediatrician called it "an asthma cough" and said if it wasn't better by Friday we'd have to do some oral prednisone to help him recover. It isn't better, but I really don't want to do prednisone. I think I'll give it until Monday.
  • Ian is being his cute self. I don't really have much of an update for him!
  • We're celebrating the birth of a sweet baby girl to our friends the Luskys. And news that practically everyone we know having babies this summer/fall are having girls! I seriously know about 20 women who are expecting right now and only one of them is expecting a boy. It's the summer of baby girls, I believe. Good thing, too, because the girl clothes right now are so stinkin' cute. Feel free to buy anything you see and send it to us. (Ha ha!) We also just found out that the Pipers are having TWIN GIRLS! Really, REALLY wonderful news this week on many fronts.
  • *update* I just saw our neighbor out and she had a nice little baby bump! We've been cooped up all winter and hadn't seen much of them. She's due the same day as me (weird). They're having their 2nd baby, and it's a boy. I'm just amazed at all the new life around us!
  • In not-so-wonderful news, Roger got rear-ended on the Parkway West last Friday (he is fine, never felt any ill-effects from it physically) and his car is crumpled. Apparently NOT unfixable, however, and for that we are grateful. We had just paid off the Camry in August and were really loving not having any car payments. We're also getting a new car seat out of the deal, too, because once a car seat has been in an accident, you really shouldn't use it anymore. The insurance will pay for its replacement. Love that.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Which pair of shoes will I be returning to Target?

The other day, I couldn't get past the little teeny shoes. Equally adorable, I thought it might be the perfect way to tell you all...

Of course before we talk about which pair of shoes, wouldn't you like to know that the anatomy is all looking good and everything is healthy. Most definitely there are two kidneys, two renal arteries, a bladder, ureters, etc. It is all there and it looks good.

There are 10 fingers and 10 toes and lips and eyes and a beautiful spine. Everything is measuring about a week bigger than what the due date says. That's no surprise. All of our babies measure big from early on. They won't change the due date.

Look at that sweet little nose!

After all the "finding a blank video tape" hubbub, it turned out they do DVDs. We didn't have one with us because we forgot to take one... they had an extra. Maybe I'll put some of the video onto here someday after I get to watch it. :-)

Here are baby's legs and feet, crossed so adorably in a, "Oh me? I'm chillin' out max in here," sort of way:

Oh, Ok fine. I know you're scrolling as fast as you can to the bottom anyway.

Looks like we'll be keeping these ones:

Monday, March 1, 2010

First day of "School"

Today was Ian's first home preschool lesson. We did counting and the color Red. I wrote lesson plans, etc. and we didn't go full-force because it was the first day. (We had to go over the syllabus and talk about rules, expectations, grading, etc. So we had a shortened lesson...just kidding.)

Ian enjoyed it, but he was anxious to finish because he'd gotten something else in his head (playing with the EGGS?!) right before we started so he wasn't 100% into it. Oh well. We'll try again tomorrow knowing it can take up to 21 days to form a new habit.

**I had to take these pictures with my old point-and-shoot camera... it has such a horrible time delay that I almost always miss the shot before it snaps. I really could use a new "purse-sized" camera. One that doesn't take 5 min to take a picture.

***I had to come back and update this to say that in the 2nd to last picture, look at Ian's hand... It is a spitten image of his father's hand. Ian looks a lot like Roger (people say) and I have to say I don't always see it. The hands though. They look exactly the same.