Friday, March 26, 2010

Potty Talk

Who would have ever imagined that potty training Ian on a random Monday 3 weeks before he turns 3 would be a success story in the making? Not Me! Perhaps I was selling him short, perhaps I just know too many other little boys who weren't/aren't ready at this age. Perhaps the Lord has given us this blessing as a way for us to plainly see that not everything we do is a challenge?

I'll go with the last. I don't think even a week ago, that Ian was ready to ditch diapers. I'm certain it was no accident that I woke up Monday morning thinking, "this is the day!" How can I be certain of that? Because I still have no idea what possessed me to try it.


I'm in no way calling it a complete victory. I am well aware there will be many trials to come, but I'm sitting here on Friday after 5 straight days of Ian wearing underpants! He's had remarkable success. I think in 5 days he's had only 3 accidents total. He's been on two shopping trips, a stroll around the neighborhood, a morning of school, & a trip to the McDonald's Playplace. I should also say that all 3 accidents occurred at home, not out and about. It's amazing to me.

We have a little success/reward chart on the fridge & we have a whole new set of McQueen underpants that Ian picked out. We're well on our way.

And I'm Delighted!

So if you see Ian, go ahead & make a huge deal about it. He's really proud of himself. And we're right there with him!


  1. Way to go Ian! I love that he's so proud of himself. :) And way to go Susan! I'm sure it will be nice to have him all totally potty trained before you have a new set of diapers to change.

  2. WTG Ian! Susan, I love that you put no pressure on either of you...and just followed the Lord's leading! I hope we get a peak at the new McQueens...