Tuesday, December 19, 2006

24 Week Appointment

The doctor said, "Wow, Susan, You're just doing SO well, there is nothing I have to say to you today!"

Weight Gain this month: +1.5lbs.
Weight Gain to-date: -1lb. (Don't forget I originally lost those 4lbs...)
Fundal Height: 23cm. (On-target with a 24 wk. baby)
Blood Pressure: 114/74
Baby's Heart Rate: 155bpm

Nothing else to report. I had to have my blood taken for the study today and now my arm hurts SOOOO bad. I'm not really that big of a baby when it comes to having blood taken, but WOWIE. It has been about 2 hours and now my whole arm hurts when i open or close my elbow, and I can't really lift anything. OUCH!

The babe kicks day and night. It is unbelievable. Some moms say that the kicks are the most enjoyable part of having a baby... to me, he kicks so much I sometimes find it annoying! I know, I shouldn't say that, but really... can I have like, a few hours of rest? I guess part of my problem is that this feeling is so strange to me that I find it very intrusive. Maybe our baby is just really strong or something. Roger and I can already see the kicks from the outside. It is so crazy.

I'm off to try and track down a new pair of jeans, that are a bit more comfy on my bulging belly.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Profile

Well, as requested, this is a belly profile picture for you... I can't say it is pretty, because I just feel enormous. Oh well, it's worth it.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Kicks and Punches

I can hardly wait for this little guy to make his debut. Well, for health's sake, I can wait a couple more months...

This baby NEVER stops moving! I'm not joking. He is constantly kicking, punching, tossing, turning, etc. He reminds me of his momma from 11:00pm-8:00am. HA HA HA!

Nothing much new is going on right now. We don't go back to the doctor's for another week... I'm not sleeping very well these days, mostly due to this lovely complication of pregnancy called never-ending-stuffiness. My nose is always stuffed up like a cold, but it isn't a cold--no pain, pressure, green-ness... yah, I know you wanted to know that!

Roger has been getting kicked in the face a lot lately, but I think he enjoys it. We're off to "Babycare Basics for new parents" tonight. I have a feeling it is either going to be just Roger and I... or Us and a bunch of unwed teenagers! Hmmmmm.. Fun times. But hopefully we take away at least a few golden nuggets of information. I signed up for this class more for Roger's sake than for mine, but don't tell him that!