Tuesday, November 21, 2006

20 Week Ultrasound

no, you can't see the gender on these photos, so stop looking at our baby's crotch! (Tee hee)

It's A......

Do you REALLY want to know??

Ha ha ha ha ha. Today's doctor's appointment was much better than last month. Everything good, nothing bad at all!

Weight: -1.5 pounds. (This is good, it means that I "mommy" am losing weight while baby is gaining...better diet, etc.)
Growth: "perfect"
Baby's Heart Rate: 142
My blood pressure: 126/78

It's A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A little update

I don't really have anything new to say... our next appointment is in 5 days. We're having the ultrasound then too. We've already had the one, but this is THE one. Ha ha ha. Don't be mad, we're going to find out whether it is a boy or a girl. Neither of us can take the suspense. If we have any additional babies, I think we'll let them be surprises.

I've been feeling pokes and tickles regularly for the past few weeks. If I'm really paying attention, I can feel it all the time, but I really feel it when I lay down to go to bed. My sister swiped a stethoscope for us to listen for the heartbeat, but I haven't been able to hear it yet. "They" say that around week 20 you should start being able to hear it with just a stethoscope. I don't remember hearing Isaac until my sister's belly was quite large, though.

My sister bought me a snoogle for my birthday. I haven't used it yet because Roger and I are switching sides of the bed, but I haven't switched yet, and it will be much easier to use on the other side of the bed. :)

I'll post more after our appointment. :)