Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ian is a big brother!

As the Vandervort family has said goodbye to one this week, we're also saying, "HELLO!"

Unexpectedly we welcomed Ian's baby brother, AARON MATTHEW, to the world last night. I will post more about it later on, but here are the main details:

11:07pm, 10/22/08
6 pounds, 14 oz
19 3/4 inches long

Thanks for ALL of the continued love and prayers. We are in need of them, and are so glad to have them.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nice to be Home!

At 37.5 (??) weeks pregnant, we unfortunately had to break Magee Women's Hospital's rule about being more than 30 min away from the hospital. On Sunday, we got word that Roger's grandma Vandervort, (Ian's great-grandma) had passed away.

We packed up and make the trip 2.5 hours to Titusville, PA. It was a long, uncomfortable car ride (both ways) and for a stinky reason. But in my opinion, it was wonderful.

I don't think any of Roger's relatives on his dad's side of the family had ever met Ian in person so that was really nice that they finally got to spend some time together. I also met a lot of family that I had never met before and got reacquainted with many whom I have only seen once or twice in 6 or 7 years. And finally, what made it the most special to me, was that I learned a LOT about Ian's grandpa Ron and about Roger as a child. They eagerly showed and shared photos, stories, and mementos with us that I find priceless. Hopefully we will get a copy or at least a .jpg of the family that was taken today so that I can share it with you! I'm hoping that someday soon I'll get a chance to share some of the other photos we saw the last 2 days as well.

Of course, Ian was the dazzler that he always is. He had everyone laughing and smiling and provided a bit of comic relief amidst the sadness. It didn't take him long to warm up and make friends with everybody around. And he was SO good! We are blessed with such an incredible little boy!

We are also glad to be home. You forget how comfortable you are in your own surroundings (especially while pregnant, and/or running around keeping tabs on your 18 month old) until you leave them!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ian has learned the word "no" and its proper usage. It is a dreaded day in the lives of a toddler's parents. You pray the day never comes when you say, "its time to change your pants" and you hear, "no!" as the response.

We take it all in stride though, because he has also learned to say "bye" and wave at the same time. He thinks it is funny to take off his shirt and run around half naked. (He'd be fully naked if he could get the darn pants over his butt...)

He counts down from 3 and then jumps on us, will count down from 3 and then fall over and "play hurt." He would rather give hugs and kisses on the playground than hit and kick (which some of his peers are already doing...)

He calls out to Roger by saying, "DAAAADDY, ROGER!"

And he can pedal his tricycle.

He's adorable in every way, except for his incredible stubbornness and insistence on doing things "his way."

Oh and that darn word "no."

We received our double stroller via FedEx today and Ian has already claimed a side. He also put his cup in the cup holder and seemed ready to rock. I wonder what he'll do when he's got a little brother in there next to him? Will he poke the baby's eyes out? Will he feed him cheerios? Will he even care that he's over there? Will I be able to push a stroller with two babies in it?

I hope he likes his brother. It would really suck if he didn't.