Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update on Sleeping

Ian has been out of his crib for almost 2 weeks. He hasn't really skipped a beat. He even slept really well while we were gone over the weekend. We stayed in Dianne's pop-up camper on Friday & Saturday nights. Ian didn't nap well in there, but he did sleep all night both nights. It is a relief to have a relatively good experience after such a disastrous camping trip 2 weeks ago.

Here's to continued sleeping success... we know how quickly things can go awry, so we're feeling blessed these days to have some "easy" nights. (with Ian, anyway.......)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gone are the baby days

On Friday, Ian decided he was not going to be caged any longer. He climbed over his crib rail twice and was on his way to a third time when Roger walked in the door. We could not (in good conscience) leave him in there any more. So at bedtime on Friday night, we removed the crib rail & put him to bed in his converted crib. He was a little resistant to sleeping with this new-found freedom, but After a few minutes of him going bananas in his room, I went in and laid him down and laid my head down on his pillow. He was a sleep in a minute or so.

Saturday morning, we finished the conversion to a big boy room by taking the crib out entirely and putting his toddler bed (that we've had in the room since November) into the crib's place. We also removed the changing table since he liked to climb it and put his stereo up onto the dresser.

There are no more remnants of the nursery. The only thing that is "original" to the time we created the nursery is the dresser & lamp. Everything else is different.


It's a little sad to know that THE nursery is gone. Aaron has his crib in the other room still so I guess there is still "technically" a nursery, but it just isn't the same. We didn't have the "luxury" of carefully choosing the wall colors, theme, bedding, etc. for Aaron's room. We just didn't have time or the opportunity. Someday we WILL make a room specifically for Aaron, but a nursery it will not be.

Anyway, Ian likes his new room. He really hasn't had much additional difficulty going to sleep in there. He is still a very "stubborn" sleeper and still has to cry about going to sleep, but for nap and bedtime yesterday, he has ultimately gotten in his bed and gone to sleep.

And now, instead of worrying he'll climb over the rail while fighting about sleep, I listen for the thud of him rolling out of bed.

Transitions. (They never seem to go easily in these parts.)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Camping Trip

We went camping this weekend, but Ian's refusal to go to sleep in our tent caused it to be a disaster. We ended up leaving our tent, fly, & chairs and coming home at 1:00am. We returned Saturday morning, broke camp, and spent the day there hiking, swimming in the lake, and cooking our dinner on the campfire.

A lesson learned. Ian is not ready to spend the night in a tent. We'll try again another time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009