Tuesday, March 31, 2009

While I'm at it...

I might as well tick off the anti-vaccination crowd, too...


Well said, my friend, too bad the folks who should be reading this are mostly likely not.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ok, I have to get this off my chest

What I'm about to say might be taken as very offensive to formula feeding. It isn't, really, but it could be read that way. If you're going to hate me forever for saying it, please don't read on.

I know that I don't have a completely homogeneous group of baby-feeders who read this blog. You have to trust me that I really do support my friends' decisions on how to feed their children. It is a personal choice and I'm down with that.

Seriously, though, this Atlantic article, "The Case Against Breastfeeding"
is really getting to me!

I get that there may not be many immediately recognizable health benefits, but how many studies have followed people birth to death? How can giving your kid hydrogenated oils and cow's milk products possibly be the same as giving your child the fluid the Lord put in your breasts to nourish his creation? How can ANYONE claim that?

I'm very glad that there is an option if, in fact, you can't breastfeed. If your lifestyle or health prevents you from doing so, I'm glad there is another way. But please, OH PLEASE, do not try to tell me that formula is the same as breastmilk. My sacrifice for the last 2 years is my time, my mobility, my modesty... it is all gone because I chose to give my child the VERY BEST nourishment. Do you think that if formula was the same as breastmilk there would be ANYBODY still breastfeeding? How offensive to a breastfeeding mother's sacrifice to tell us it was all for naught! And that's just on the health benefits aspect. Then there's the bonding, the nurturing, the comforting...I bet you can't find one breastfeeding mother who doesn't absolutely adore that she is the utmost in her baby's life. Nobody comforts like mama. NOTHING is as calming, healing, and beautiful as mommy's breasts. Just ask Aaron--he's snuggled up right now, rosy-cheeked, falling asleep for the night. I've never seen a child sleep more peacefully than snuzzled up to his mother's bare breast. If you have, I'd really be surprised. I love that for my babies, mommy is tops. It's my right to be number one. And I'm glad I have given each boy the opportunity to receive "liquid gold" from a soft, warm breast instead of a cold, rubber bottle.

I'm so sick of this article. I hope it dies down soon. It crushes me. It makes me so sad. And the fact that so many people have latched on to this article and are waving it like a flag of glory is... annoying.

Oh--one more thing: If you need help breastfeeding, please, just ask. I'd travel great distances to help you. It means THATmuch to me.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sorry, No Pets.

We have nothing against cats. They're cute. Sometimes even fun to play with. BUT...

Well, as if my allergies were not a good enough reason, we are now 99.9% certain Ian is also allergic to cats. (The jury's still out on dogs...) Ian has now had a reaction to exposure to cats on 3 separate occasions. Mostly he just gets sneezy, stuffy, and then develops a cough. He has, however, also developed a contact rash on his bare arms as well. It also seems like, just like me, he doesn't actually have to come into contact with the animal... just being in a place where animals live and/or up against a piece of clothing or blanket that has been in the vicinity sets him off.

It is unfortunate. And now we have to be even more careful with the places Ian goes, etc. We will hopefully see an allergist soon to see if we can treat him or at least minimize the effects.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Header

ok...who wants to tell me how(or just do it for me??) to center the image? blah!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Just wondering

How can people really think that 2 dust balls smashed together and made this:

or this: