Monday, March 23, 2009

Sorry, No Pets.

We have nothing against cats. They're cute. Sometimes even fun to play with. BUT...

Well, as if my allergies were not a good enough reason, we are now 99.9% certain Ian is also allergic to cats. (The jury's still out on dogs...) Ian has now had a reaction to exposure to cats on 3 separate occasions. Mostly he just gets sneezy, stuffy, and then develops a cough. He has, however, also developed a contact rash on his bare arms as well. It also seems like, just like me, he doesn't actually have to come into contact with the animal... just being in a place where animals live and/or up against a piece of clothing or blanket that has been in the vicinity sets him off.

It is unfortunate. And now we have to be even more careful with the places Ian goes, etc. We will hopefully see an allergist soon to see if we can treat him or at least minimize the effects.

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