Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ian has learned the word "no" and its proper usage. It is a dreaded day in the lives of a toddler's parents. You pray the day never comes when you say, "its time to change your pants" and you hear, "no!" as the response.

We take it all in stride though, because he has also learned to say "bye" and wave at the same time. He thinks it is funny to take off his shirt and run around half naked. (He'd be fully naked if he could get the darn pants over his butt...)

He counts down from 3 and then jumps on us, will count down from 3 and then fall over and "play hurt." He would rather give hugs and kisses on the playground than hit and kick (which some of his peers are already doing...)

He calls out to Roger by saying, "DAAAADDY, ROGER!"

And he can pedal his tricycle.

He's adorable in every way, except for his incredible stubbornness and insistence on doing things "his way."

Oh and that darn word "no."

We received our double stroller via FedEx today and Ian has already claimed a side. He also put his cup in the cup holder and seemed ready to rock. I wonder what he'll do when he's got a little brother in there next to him? Will he poke the baby's eyes out? Will he feed him cheerios? Will he even care that he's over there? Will I be able to push a stroller with two babies in it?

I hope he likes his brother. It would really suck if he didn't.

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