Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Which pair of shoes will I be returning to Target?

The other day, I couldn't get past the little teeny shoes. Equally adorable, I thought it might be the perfect way to tell you all...

Of course before we talk about which pair of shoes, wouldn't you like to know that the anatomy is all looking good and everything is healthy. Most definitely there are two kidneys, two renal arteries, a bladder, ureters, etc. It is all there and it looks good.

There are 10 fingers and 10 toes and lips and eyes and a beautiful spine. Everything is measuring about a week bigger than what the due date says. That's no surprise. All of our babies measure big from early on. They won't change the due date.

Look at that sweet little nose!

After all the "finding a blank video tape" hubbub, it turned out they do DVDs. We didn't have one with us because we forgot to take one... they had an extra. Maybe I'll put some of the video onto here someday after I get to watch it. :-)

Here are baby's legs and feet, crossed so adorably in a, "Oh me? I'm chillin' out max in here," sort of way:

Oh, Ok fine. I know you're scrolling as fast as you can to the bottom anyway.

Looks like we'll be keeping these ones:


  1. So excited for you!!! Congrats!! These adorable, little shoes are just the beginning of a fabulously fun wardrobe. Tell Roger to add another line item to that budget of yours. Naming should be a cinch now too, right? Right?

  2. Yay!!!!!!! I was thinking it was going to be another boy but I'm glad I'm wrong. Cute girly shoes! I was just shopping for a couple of baby showers for girls last week. There are SO many adorable girl outfits!

  3. Congratulations wow !!!! whoppee and those sure are cute little shoes now some frilly things to go with them :)

  4. WOOHOO!!! I am so happy for you guys!!! As a female who grew up with a big brother (nevermind 2), you can tell Roger that he won't have to worry about getting out the guns when she starts dating...her big brothers will do it for her. So exciting!!!

  5. YAHOOOOO! I am so excited for you! You must be head over heels! Especially with the girl part! Glad to hear that the baby is healthy and growing well!

  6. fantastic :) this is such great news - so happy you get to be a little girly mommy now and roger gets a daddy's girl!!!

  7. Aw! Yay! Congratulations! A perfect addition to the V gang! I think it's a great arrangement as well. I'm the baby with 2 older brothers! :)

  8. Hooray for girls- congratulations! I always wished I had an older brother, and this lucky baby girl will have two!

  9. I knew it!! Yea, that's awesome news. I am so happy for you and Roger!