Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


Good Morning! This Monday morning the sun is shining through our front windows and the crisp air is going to make way for another 60s-and-sunny BEAUTIFUL day here. Before I get to the things WE DID NOT DO this past week, I'll say something I AM going to do, is take the kids to a beautiful playground. We have to enjoy these beautiful days because all-too-soon it is going to be cold, gray, and gross here.

* Last Monday, I did NOT take my two children to get their photos taken to commemorate Aaron's 1st birthday. It was definitely not a full 2.5 weeks after Aaron's birthday. I also did NOT break a sweat while trying to wrangle them and get at least 2 good photos taken. (One of Aaron by himself, one of the boys together.)

* Also last Monday, I did not feed my sons countless numbers of dumdums lollipops while at the Apple Store getting my new phone. There is no way I'd be such a desperate mother that I'd let my kids suck down lollipops like they're chain-suckers just so I could get 15 minutes of "good behavior" while I waited for my new IPhone. I would never do that. I always have their health and well-being highest on my priority list.

* Last Tuesday I didn't have to take the kids to the doctor for shots, so I definitely did not pack new toys (that I purchased for Christmas stockings), new crayons, chips, lollipops, juice boxes, and band-aids into the diaper bag. I would never bribe Ian with a new Thomas train (or helicopter in this case) to sit in the stroller and not touch ANYTHING. I also would never dream of sticking a Dora band-aid on Ian's leg after he got a shot, even though the doctor's office does not provide band-aids because they are choking hazards, to distract him from the fact that he just got stuck with a needle and is now bleeding. Never. I always keep choking hazards away from my kids, even band-aids.

* On Thursday, I definitely wasn't completely disappointed that my husband wasn't feeling well on my birthday so we didn't go out to dinner. I was very happy, nice, and loving to him. I would never be such a brat to my husband because he didn't feel well.

* On Friday, I did not let Ian run amok at the zoo because it wasn't crowded and I felt safe letting him run ahead a little bit. There is no way I'd let my child get 30 feet away from me in a public place. I always keep my children at my hip. I also did not gawk at the penguins getting it on in the aquarium. I would never point and chuckle at something like that. I'm always very proper and modest.

* On Saturday, while raking leaves, there is no way I didn't notice Ian throwing one of his Wheel Pals onto the pile of leaves as I was carting it across the street to dump into the ravine. I most certainly did not SCOLD HIM for having a meltdown about me going across the street and making him stay in the front yard. I also didn't go back across the street, standing on the edge of a ravine, to search frantically for the stinkin' toy that Ian threw in there. I'd never risk life and limb for a silly little truck. (By the way, I didn't FIND the toy, and I wasn't Ian's hero afterwards... ;-))

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