Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Vandervorts Do Disney 2009- Tuesday

Last Tuesday, we leisurely headed to the Animal Kingdom. The thing about AK is... Neither Roger nor I are super crazy about it. We thought Ian would be totally into it, though, so that's why we went. Turns out, Ian wasn't totally into it.

We went to see the Lion King show first... about 1/2 way through the show, Aaron fell asleep. A few minutes later, Ian got down out of his seat and said, "mommy, I want to color." During the Lion King!!! WHAT?! There is SO much going on!

It was also extremely hot. I'm talking in the 90s with 60% humidity. Animal Kingdom always seems so much hotter than the other parks too. We were roasting. We let Ian play in the dinosaur boneyard playground for awhile and then Roger and I took turns riding Expedition Everest.

Sadly, I report that is all we did at Animal Kingdom. We headed back to the Wyndham to swim in the pools and hopefully take naps. (No naps, but the swimming was great!) In the evening, we met up with friends again and had dinner at 1900 Park Fair at the Grand Floridian Resort. I must say, someday, I'd like to stay there! It was so cute! The buffet dinner was delicious and the dessert buffet was even better. The company was delightful. We met Cinderella and Prince Charming as well as Cindy's evil stepmom and sisters.

We returned to the hotel and turned in early so we could get a fresh start bright and early Wednesday morning when we were going back to the Magic Kingdom.

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