Friday, November 20, 2009

Not Me Monday vol.3

MckMama didn't do a NMM today, but I already wrote this a couple days ago. So here I go with the VFB's first solo NMM post!

I don't have a lot to report from last week, it was pretty mundane. Neither of the kids did anything completely crazy and neither did I! I do have one good one, though, because when I was twittering about it, Roger said, "oh that's gonna make the list for next week!"

On Friday morning, Ian asked for a tootsie pop for breakfast. I let him have one. (We only had one anyway). I justified it in my head by noting that on Thursday Ian had yogurt for breakfast, snack at preschool, apples and grapes for lunch, a salami sandwich on 12 grain bread for snack, and asparagus for dinner. He had a pretty balanced day on Thursday, so sure, why not have a lollipop for breakfast on friday?! (Ha! And, sometimes we mamas just want to drink our coffee in peace. Even if it is only 3 minutes of peace.)

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