Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Little Vocabulary

Aaron is only 13 months old, and without going back to look, I'm almost certain Ian was only saying ... DaDa at 13 months. Ian did say "grandma" on his first birthday, but he only said it once.

Little Aaron, however, is developing quite a little vocabulary! It seems strange to us because he is "so young" to be talking, but I keep hearing that the 2nd child does a lot of things much faster because he wants to keep up with big brother. It is proving to be true at our house.

Aaron can say:

  • uh oh
  • hot dog
  • baby
  • ball
  • dada
  • mama
  • no no
  • papa <--new one this morning!
  • get down
  • upside down

and we're pretty sure he said rainbow this evening, and dinner, and Santa.

He's already a polly parrot, too!

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