Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finally, some vaccinations!

Today was Aaron's 1 year well visit. The peanut weighs only 20 lbs 7 oz and is 29 inches tall. He has fallen off the charts with regard to weight for his age. Not a big deal though because he is still gaining and his height/head circumference are around the 40th percentile.

Aaron finally got his first dose of seasonal flu vaccine. He'll need another one in a month. He also got 2 other shots, but, bad mama cannot remember exactly which ones they were. He didn't even cry for the shots at all! Just sucked on his lollipop and let the nurse do her work.

Ian had to come with us today (even though I really HATED the thought of taking two perfectly healthy little boys to the doctor's office in the middle of cold and flu season with rampant H1N1 all around us.) Ian got his seasonal flu shot and he also got the H1N1 mist.

I asked our pediatrician her honest opinion (as the mother of 4 boys) and she said if Ian were her's, she'd give it to him. "Because the kids who are getting it, are REALLY REALLY sick. In fact we're not letting them come to the office anymore, we send them straight to the ER. Aaron is very high-risk & he can't get it, so Ian needs to, and any caregivers of your boys need it too."

I trust her.

In other vaccination news, Aaron isn't getting MMR or Varivax until the spring. The pedi said, "no need to add THAT to the mix when we're just trying to keep him healthy through cold & flu season. We'll give it to him when the flu risks are diminished, and it will still be within the "normal" vaccination window for those two."

Yay! I'm really starting to love this pedi. She's great!

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