Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A toy that has staying power

Do you have a young son? Or a couple of them, like us? Do you have the Little People Garage? I hope you do! Or at least you're thinking about getting one on Craig's List. Or maybe even paying full price for one. Or maybe you don't have young sons but you know someone who does...

I have never known a toy to get as much playtime as our little people garage has. Truly, our LPG is played with on a near-daily basis. (I say near-daily instead of just daily because sometimes we rotate it out and put it in another room for a couple days.)

Aaron is playing with it most right now, but Ian still plays with it too.

We got ours as a birthday gift from Uncle Todd & Aunt Carrie (my brother, Sister-in-law, and their family) for Ian's 1st birthday. And since that day, the LPG has seen action probably 530 times. (There have been about 547 days since Ian's first birthday.)

How's THAT for staying power?

If you're not sure that your boy(s) will like this toy, pop over to our house and give it a try first. That'd be fun. You should just do that anyway!

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  1. Hannah got the farm for her first birthday, and it has seen a lot of play time too! We were thinking about the garage for Christmas! Thanks for the thumbs up on it!!!