Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Vandervorts Do Disney 2009-Sat&Sun

First, let's all have a moment of silence for my beloved Iphone. I guess I know what my birthday & christmas present is this year. I'm sick about it.

Saturday 10/31, we woke up with the sun (Aaron was up early enough for me to catch the sunrise over the bay. (Across the main road from the hotel.) We dressed in our swimming gear and got right to the beach-loving as soon as the sun was shining. Even at 8am, it was definitely warm enough to be in the water/on the beach... and get sunburned!

Aaron had his first moments in the ocean. (Some might argue with me about how technically it was not the ocean, but I think it's close enough! Salt Water, Florida, ocean-dwelling sea creatures... yep, close enough.)

Ian, of course, adores the beach and he & Roger spent pretty much the entire day playing in the salt water, sand, etc. I am not crazy about oceans and such (I prefer the pool... unless you're talking about the crystal clear, beautiful ocean in Barbados. THAT was nice!) Murky water is not my favorite... but it was HOT. And Aaron was loving it, so I played along. Aaron & I sat at the edge of the water, where the waves would come in and lap at our bellies for a long time. It was actually quite relaxing & sweet to spend those moments with him in that way.

After dinner, my dad & I quickly dressed the boys in their Halloween costumes and took them across the road to the Publix grocery store for trick or treating. (I saw an ad for it earlier in the day.) When we got back, there were other hotel guests on the patio watching the sunset & they were delighted to see the boys in their costumes. One couple even had trick-or-treat candy on hand! The couple explained that in previous years, kids at the resorts actually would dress up and T-o-T at the neighboring hotel rooms. They hadn't had any T-o-Ters in several years and even considered not buying candy this year. They were tickled to have Ian & Aaron this year! I did feel bad for the boys, in their "Pennsylvania" costumes, as it was still about 85 when they were all dressed up. Ian & Aaron didn't seem to mind, though, they thought it was fun.

We packed our bags. We went to sleep. We got up at THREE A.M. to leave St. Pete Beach for the Orlando Airport.

Our flights home were fine. The boys were well-behaved. And that's the end of the tale. *sigh* Back to real life...

And real life- It included raking leaves, here are the "obligatory" leaf-raking pictures. If you're interested, click back to here, and see what was going on last year!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great vacation! I love the pictures of Aaron and Ian in the leaves. :)