Friday, June 25, 2010

What they're up to Right Now

Aaron is 1 year, 8 months, 3 days old.

He is learning new words on a regular basis and becoming a little easier to understand. Won't repeat you when you ask him to say something, but later on you might hear him saying it to himself.

Has a very well-rounded diet just like his brother. Loves Raspberries and blackberries most of all, but will try most everything you offer. Isn't much of a lunch eater. Can eat more dinner than mommy most nights. Would eat cheerios until his belly exploded. Drinks white milk as often as possible. Eats as many sweets as he's allowed and still wants more!

Is starting to fight back when Ian takes a toy or isn't kind to him. His favorite toys are the Thomas The Tank Engines. Calls them Wee-woos. Wants to watch Thomas on tv all the time. Loves being outside. Sometimes wants to go outside just to sit in the grass and look around. Loves the water, playing in the water, being near water, etc.

Will poop and pee on the potty when given the chance.

His medicine is managing his asthma and allergies quite well now, so much so that he's been able to gain 2 pounds since April. (Previously hadn't gained any weight since last fall...)

Is mommy's snuggle buggy. Still prefers mommy to anybody else. Is finally coming out of his shell a little bit and letting others do for him what previously mommy could only do. Has chosen a blankie to keep him secure. Is sleeping 98% of nights all night in his own bed. Has no idea what is coming his way at the end of July.

Is a social butterfly! Just like his brother loves to make new friends on the playground, will play with anybody willing to play (as long as mommy is nearby).

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