Friday, June 4, 2010

32 Weeks

Had my 32 week appointment yesterday. Didn't gain any weight from 2 weeks ago (when I gained 1 pound). The baby's heart rate was 155bpm and my belly is measuring "right on" at 32cm.

Praise God, my blood pressure was excellent yesterday! 120/74. There were some high blood pressure concerns, but it is now obvious that my blood pressure is not sustained high so we're doing fine. I didn't have the kids with me yesterday morning and that makes a huge difference. Entertaining them in the waiting room and exam room while waiting on the doctor is really not a fun job and it shows.

32 weeks. That's insane. Just 2 more months? Wow! I mean, I hesitate to say "we're ready," because I'm not sure anyone is really ever ready to bring a new baby home, but our hearts and our home are prepared. We're just waiting on Little Miss Vandervort to make her debut. (Hopefully not before Roger's next business trip in early July!) July 1st marks 36 weeks for us, the point where my doctors would no longer attempt to stop labor if it began, so we're within a month of that point now.

Won't be long!

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