Tuesday, June 1, 2010

They're coming to take the sign down.


It's official. Our house sale is on hiatus.

We're probably going to put it back up for sale in the fall... either by owner or with a different realty company than we had this year. Our realtor was not our favorite. We haven't been happy with her since the winter, but she's really been ticking us off lately. We dropped the price of our house by 5k right before Easter, and she didn't do anything to publicize the new price. She didn't send out postcards or put a 'new price' sign on the house, nothing. She emailed Roger on Friday and said, "nobody's even called about it in weeks. You need to drop the price." So frustrating.

So we're pressing on with preparations for the baby in the house we currently own. I'm disappointed. I wanted to be somewhere else. But I also know that things happen for a reason and soon, the reason we didn't sell our house in the last year will probably be revealed to us. I'm kinda scared to think about how that will come to pass, but hopefully it isn't a bad reason.

I'm not in charge of this situation and so I'm going to bloom where I am planted. I am going to accept the things I cannot change, and work with what I've been given.

Ian is already signed up for school here in the fall. Aaron is finally sleeping all night in his own bedroom. We have plenty of space. We're going to hopefully do some construction projects and really improve our living space.

It's ok.

I just wish it had ended up differently.

Anyway. Our house isn't for sale anymore. We're not moving.

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