Thursday, June 17, 2010

34 Weeks = "42 Days Left"

^This was taken Monday night at Heinz Hall, when Roger & I went to see Anthony Bourdain Live!

According to my ticker, there are "about 42 days to go!"

I had my 34 week OB appointment today. I didn't gain any weight again... weird! My doctor was really concerned about my cough, but not concerned at all about the peeing while coughing.

"If you're still having troubles after you deliver and recover, we'll work on it then." Thanks.

She said since my cough is improving, albeit slowly, that they're not going to do anything else unless I get "bad" again. And my lungs sounded clear today. Super! As long as they SOUND clear... then why am I still coughing?!

My BP was good. Measurements are right on at 34cm. Baby's heart rate was 153. LMV kicked the doctor right in the hand while she was measuring me. Hee Hee! As far as the OB can tell, baby is engaged (dropped into the birth canal) head down, facing my spine/left side with her big bum sticking out on my right side. I agree with that assessment, my belly is lopsided. At our last ultrasound that was also the position Little Miss was in. She must like it that way.

I scheduled the REST of my OB appointments today... there are only 5 more. I go back in 2 weeks... and then every week after that.


Where has the time gone!??!

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  1. man it goes so fast. i feel like you just told me you were pregnant again. its all NUTS.

    also you look so great pregnant!