Monday, June 21, 2010

What are they up to these days?

I was just going back and reading some old blog posts and realized I haven't written a "what they're doing/saying right now" post in ages! Bad mommy!

Ian is 3 years, 2 months, 5 days old. He is:

*really into the Toy Story series, playing make-believe, video games on the iPhone, playing outside for every possible moment, his daddy, going to orchards/farms, parks, playgrounds, etc. & getting prizes for checking boxes off his potty chart.

*developing his own unique tastes in food. Loves most every fruit & vegetable. Recently started eating "white broccoli" aka cauliflower. Favorite veggie is still asparagus, followed closely by corn on the cob. Eats every kind of meat we offer, still doesn't like fish, would eat a salami sandwich every day for lunch if we let him. Is learning to like peanut butter & jam sandwiches. Isn't as "into" candy and snacks as he used to be. Still chooses white milk over any other beverage. Doesn't like yogurt, hot dogs, or chicken tenders much anymore. Eats cocoa wheats for breakfast regularly.

*Says the funniest things! Can talk quite well & is understood by others (for the most part). Tells stories endlessly. Can say his ABCs & count to 20. Will cross his eyes to make you laugh. Loves to make new friends & enjoys the playground far more when there are other children "friends" to play with.

*has CRAZY temper tantrums on occasion, usually linked to being too tired, and isn't afraid to express his anger verbally. Sometimes will "shoot you with lasers" "pew pew pew" if he doesn't like what you just said or did.

Aaron's is coming!

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  1. I've been shot by lasers so much they hardly even burn my skin any more.