Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A word about staying positive

Today, I could be in a REALLY bad mood.

I was up all night coughing. Well, not all night, but the rest of the time I was up with the 1 year old who still wakes 2-3 times every night. I got about 4 hours of interrupted sleep. I called Roger and begged him, holding back tears, to come home and give me a break. He's busy today and going to be home tomorrow so he can't come home. I knew that before I called, but I tried anyway.

Ian went to bed later last night (for many reasons) than he has been going for a week or two. This morning he woke up SO grumpy. He's been trying to cause mayhem all morning. When he's tired, he picks on Aaron. So Aaron has been getting picked on and he doesn't like it. Playing referee is not a fun part of the "mommy" job.

We had a house showing at 10am this morning, so in addition to the 2 already described issues, I had to get me, Ian, and Aaron washed, dressed, and out of the (CLEAN) house by 9:45. It was hard to do.

I had to go pay our rent-a-space bill because it was due October 4th and we forgot to pay it. (Yes, I'm sure Roger dislikes that I include him in this, WE as a team forgot to pay it. It wasn't anyone's fault, just we didn't put it on the calendar and so we forgot. The minds of overtired parents of 2 toddlers are fried. If it isn't on the calendar, we forget.

When I turned on the the cut-off road to the rent-a-space, I noticed a new sign that said "no outlet." ("Weird?!" I thought...) and then, half way down the road, I saw the other end blocked by a newly placed guard rail. "UHH, yeah, NO OUTLET!" so I had to turn around, go back, and wait for a really long light.

When we drove back past our house on the way to the mall, it was 10:05, and there wasn't anyone looking at the house. "They better not blow us off or I'm going to be REALLY ticked," I told Roger over the phone.

When we got to the mall, the "family practice" clinic giving out flu shots said, "I'd love to give the boys shots, but we don't have kids' needles." TWARTED AGAIN on the flu shot drama! I just want to get my kids' arms stuck with needles and nobody will do it! GRR! I placed a call to the Health Department again... they will give the boys' their shots, for free, but not until the 19th.

A "cart girl" selling facial products was very short and rude to me when I told her I couldn't buy any products because our budget is in the negative right now. (It isn't a lie, AND Aaron was really upset by the stopped stroller, I'd have expected at least a bit of compassion instead of the rudeness she gave me. I was being very polite in saying no.)

Since arriving home, Ian and Aaron have proceeded to completely trash the living room. In less than 10 minutes there is popcorn spilled on the floor, 2 bins of toys are dumped out, snot on the couch, and 2 dirty diapers.

I could be in a really bad mood. I'm so tired, I'm coughing, and I've wiped so much snot in the last 3 weeks that I am beginning to think we should buy stock in Huggies Wipes and Kleenex. I choose to find the humor in my situation. I choose to let these things which could've really ruined my day (week, month, etc.) not get to me.

There's no point in living life unhappy. We are provided for. Our bellies are never hungry. We are never cold. (Or hot.) We have a vehicle, a pretty nice one, with gas in the tank. We have a LOT of luxuries. Despite of having sinus infections right now, we have healthy kids. Sure, Aaron has some problems, but they are not insurmountable.

My kids are hilarious. They love to laugh. They love to make each other laugh. They love to make me laugh. They love when I make them laugh. In fact, right now Ian is having a dance party and doing the dance to the "I like to move-it, move-it" song in Madagascar 2. So what if he just spilled Aaron's applesauce on the floor in the middle of it!

Who cares about the little annoyances when the big picture is a happy, healthy family?

And guess what?

-The people DID come and look at the house this morning.
-The Rent-A-Space guy decided to wave our late fee.
-The play place at the mall only had 3 other kids in it, who had a ton of fun playing with my kids. (and vice-versa)
-Ian didn't throw a tantrum when it was time to go, he happily crawled up into his stroller seat and buckled his own buckle.
-The clerk at Gloria Jeans gave me a free piece of biscotti to go with my pumpkin spice latte. <--don't be mad Roger, I think I earned it today...
-And at least the boys waited until they were home to poop! I didn't have to find a changing station in the mall!

There are many blessings in each day that even out the annoyances. It makes life a whole lot easier when you choose to stay positive! Find the blessings and focus on them!

So... that was more than just "a word." It was a lot of words. Thanks for indulging me.

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