Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Medication Shortages?

Does anyone know anything about this? Yesterday the pharmacy told me that Pulmicort respules are on backorder... everywhere. He had one box, which lasts a month, and then told me I'd need to check with them before refilling just to make sure they had another box. They were OUT (entirely) of Azithromycin (aka zithromax). He told me they'd have it for me this morning.

So I went to pick it up, and wouldntchaknow, they didn't have it. It wasn't coming until 5:30pm on their tuesday delivery truck. I asked the pharmacist if he could find out if any other pharmacies have it so I can pick it up this morning, since we'd already waited a day.

They called around, nobody has it. Not just none of the Rite Aids, but ALL of the pharmacies in our area are "out" of it.

So I had to call back the doctor's office and see about getting a different prescription for little Aaron. The poor thing. He just wants to be better and there are all these road blocks.

Why are there so many medication shortages right now? (Recalling the flu shot is in short supply around here too...why?)

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  1. That's really weird. I'm waiting to be able to get some psoriasis medication. Tried to fill it on Thursday and it's still not in. And it's not anything fancy. It's a corticosteroid foam. And Brendan didn't have to wait at all to get the flu shot, neither did Brent (though he is a nurse and it was mandatory). Maybe it's just different metropolitan areas that have shortages.