Thursday, October 1, 2009


We're making a change today! We're rolling out our new blog, a combined family blog where you can find all the new updates about the House of Vandervort.


Honestly? I'm tired of keeping up with so many blogs & I feel like if I am tired of keeping up with it all, anyone who reads our blogs probably is too. So... You're welcome. Here is the new, streamlined blog! Update your RSS Feeds, or if you're old school like me, your bookmarks & links.

All the old stuff will remain on the kiddos' separate pages, links to those on the right, but nothing new will be added there. (Ok, maybe SOMETIMES, or major milestones or something, but I'll always tell you when it happens.)

Welcome. We're glad you're here. Now leave a comment & let us know you found our new home... well, web-home. We're still looking & waiting for our real-life home situation to be squared away.

By the way... did you know our house is for sale?


  1. I'm glad you did this - I was never a fan of the separate blogs. In fact, if you wanted my opinion, I'd love if you moved all the boys stuff to this blog too and just tagged the posts, aaron, ian. :-)

    haha. I think one personal blog for people is enough to deal with! Without consolidating its now like you have FOUR!!

    HAHA - love ya. hey were you going to send me those bottles?