Friday, October 9, 2009

Big Mac Museum

So, We are blessed. I know you already know that, but here's just one more reason. We live a mere 15 minutes from the WORLD'S Big Mac Museum.

Who wouldn't feel blessed to be so close to a gigantic plastic Big Mac?

Obviously, I'm joking. ;-) Ian and Aaron really did enjoy the "treehouse" indoor playground, and the "restaurant" (I use that term very loosely to describe McDonalds) was very clean, had TVs, memorabilia, and a lot of employees. It really isn't too bad, especially when you look at the weather forecast for today and it says, 100% chance of rain. (I'm not joking, it really does say that.)

Here's what the museum looks like. And Aaron, looking adorable as always.


  1. Wow, isn't there criteria to be considered a "museum"?? We also have a 100% chance of rain today. It's been warm and sunny but windy all morning but there is a huge nasty storm a-comin'.

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