Friday, October 23, 2009

Birthday Dinner

Last evening, we took the boys and went to CiCi's Pizza for dinner. Whenever we drive past CiCi's, Ian always says, "Look Mommy! a PARTY!" so we thought, "hmm...Pizza Buffet, Ian think's it is a party, it's $4.99 for adults and kids eat free... It's perfect."

Even at the tender age of one, pizza is one of Aaron's favorite foods.

Here's the gang, being goofy!

We came home and had a (rather lackluster after the rainbow specimen) birthday cake, sang happy birthday a couple times, let Ian "help Aaron" blow out the candles. It was a nice birthday.

And then... Aaron puked on me. He's still sick. He started a new round of antibiotics yesterday, added in another set of nebulizer treatments, and *hopefully* will get and stay well during our trip to Florida. Please pray for us. We really need a break here. Well, Aaron needs a break, the poor kid has been sick for a month. Sheesh.

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