Saturday, October 17, 2009


  • directions for rainbow cake: Rainbow Cake @
  • I used my own buttercream frosting recipe, let me know if you would like that, too.
  • It was a (little) time consuming, not too bad, but it really wasn't hard at all. Just LOOKS like it was hard!
  • Also, make SURE you level off the layers with a serrated knife like the directions say, that is an absolutely necessary step. It will NOT stay together if you don't.
  • I baked the cakes 2 days in advance, leveled them off after they cooled, put them on a plate separated by wax paper and covered in saran wrap, froze them. On the day of the party I made the frosting and assembled the cake while the layers were still frozen. It worked out GREAT.

Here's the cake! More tomorrow... if we make it to tomorrow. Ian is having a battle with bedtime tonight. He's just SO exhausted & overstimulated... poor guy!


  1. Beautiful!! Well done!

    Amanda (the rainbow cake lady)

  2. Great job on the cake! Came out amazing!! Take a look at this rainbow cake disaster if you haven't seen it already: