Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Kids are Fresh Food Snobs.

I didn't really think too much about it when it happened, but a couple of days ago my mom and I were at the grocery store and the following conversation happened:

Mom: "Do you need fruit? DelMonte canned fruit is 10 for $10 this week."

Me: "Nobody in my house likes canned fruit, but me."

Mom: "The kids don't eat canned fruit?"

Me: "Nope, they're so used to fresh that they won't eat canned."

Mom: "Huh."

Am I raising food snobs? My children will eat frozen fruits and vegetables. They eat a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables... more than any other almost-four-year-old and 2 year old I know. But they won't eat canned anything.

So just to test it out, I bought 2 cans of DelMonte peaches in 100% juice (oh how I would've LOVED some heavy syrup!)  I tried serving it with lunch yesterday and lo and behold there were no takers except me. Is that weird? How interesting that my kids are growing up in such a global society that they can eat fresh fruits and vegetables year round! There isn't a winter food season for them (like there was when I was a kid.) You want fresh raspberries? Go buy them! You want fresh blueberries? Sure, they're from Chile or Peru or somewhere, but they are there on our grocery store shelf! And they're really expensive. Broke my heart last week when Aaron was yelling for fresh asparagus and I just could not pay $5.99/lb for it. I do have limits. They're also really not all that tasty. In fact, I prefer the sweet juiciness of a can of delMonte peaches to the cardboard-like, pithy taste of a peach that was grown in South America and shipped here. But my kids don't seem to notice the pithy taste. They do notice when it comes in a can.

They're fresh food snobs.

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  1. that's good though....b/c there's so much added stuff to canned food. It's ridiculous!

    I don't like canned veggies anymore...fresh or frozen for me. and Fruit...I'll eat most canned fruit but of course prefer fresh!

    They're not snobs, they're healthy! :) (Thanks to mommy and daddy having that availability!)