Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Half Birthday

We celebrated Lauren's half birthday today.  (We celebrated half birthdays for all of our kids... I blogged about Ian's & Aaron's too. <--ok maybe I didn't blog about Aaron's, but we definitely celebrated it. There's a picture somewhere!)

So today I made a half birthday cake for Lauren--white cake with my mom's butter frosting. YUM. Grandma and Grandpa Spaceship just happened to come over this afternoon and we had Lasagna for dinner.

We also had a sunny day today!  It was only a high of 11 today, but it was sunny! We took pictures of Lauren at her 6 month mark.

She's rolling everywhere. She can get up on her hands and her knees, but not both at the same time. She's scooting all over the house. She can maneuver herself from one side of the room to the other and pick up even the tiniest little shneebly of crayon paper and put it in her mouth.

She screeches and squawks like neither of the boys ever did. She loves pears, peaches, peas, green beans, and bananas. She does not love baby cereal of any kind. She screams at the table if we don't feed her as fast as she thinks we should. She can pick up puffs and put them in her own mouth (and eat them.) She can also eat single-grain oat cereal... aka organic (not general mills brand) cheerios if we break them into little pieces. We don't focus on food and we're not pushing her, but she wants to eat when we're sitting at the dinner table. If we don't offer her something to eat like a big girl, she gets really mad. She is breastfed and will not even entertain the idea of a bottle. (Neither would Aaron... until he was about 9 months old and he saw big brother drinking from a sippy cup... Aaron went straight to a sippy cup and never did bottles at all.)

Lauren's favorite place is in the Ergo carrier on my belly. She still hates the car. She sleeps in her crib for her naps and for the first stretch of the night (from bedtime until about 2am). She will suck on a binky, but really could take it or leave it.

She doesn't babble a whole lot, but blows a lot of raspberries. She enjoys being talked to, sung to, rapped to, and to play patty-cake. She adores her brothers (who adore her right back) and she thinks daddy is pretty cool too.

She's a delight! A very pleasant baby. I love my boys, but gosh, I love my girl! She's so special. So sweet. So snuggly. She's just fabulous.

I can't believe it's been a half a year already. By the time I publish this, she'll be closer to a year old than to a newborn. How is that possible? Wasn't it just yesterday that we first saw her little bean shape wiggling on the ultrasound monitor? Now she's looking at me with those big eyes, yelling at me to shovel food faster, and going all over the living room. Unreal.


  1. My question is...what are you doing with all the other 1/2 cakes? ;-) Do you have an extra special half-cake cake pan? Or am I missing the post where you're giving away the other half of these delicious looking cakes?!?! Happy half birthday Lauren!

  2. LOL!

    Here's how I do it: I use a 8-inch cake pan & fill it more full than I would for a regular double layer cake, like 3/4 full of batter. Then I make a couple cupcakes, 4-6, depending.

    After baking & cooling, I cut the cake in half & each hemisphere in half horizontally to make 4 half-moon cake layers.

    Then frost as usual. No waste! We just have a few cupcakes in addition to the cake. :-)

    4 half-moon layers makes a pretty tall cake, too!