Thursday, September 16, 2010

Occasionally, we have a sweet time.

I just got done reading Ian stories for naptime.  Aaron already had his stories & was in his crib.  Lauren, who was in her crib, was fussing so I went and got her before going to Ian's room to read.  We read stories & I said,

"Tell Ian night night, Lauren.  Tell Lauren night night, Ian."

And he asked if Lauren could lay with him.  So I laid her down (awake) next to him in bed (next to the bed rail so she could not fall out) and went to the living room to get Ian his water cup. I returned to fin him laying on his side looking at her, her eyes closed.  It was so sweet.  I wish I had the camera. (it is in the car still from our zoo trip yesterday and would've caused too much commotion anyway.)

It almost makes up for the ridiculous trouble Ian gave me while trying to get out the door to school this morning.  I swear, that kid is so.... three.

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  1. That is so precious Susan. I wish you did have a picture!