Monday, September 27, 2010

Busted Lip. No joke.

So gross. Aaron tripped & fell yesterday, smacked his face off the the driveway at a miniature horse farm up north (Mercer County.) His bottom teeth came very close to all the way through his lip. We took him to the ER in Sharon, PA.  It was that bad... Quite a lot of blood & and a huge fat lip, but didn't end up getting stitches. I wonder if it would have been the same outcome if we'd been here in Pittsburgh at Children's... 

This morning he woke up really grumpy and fussing that his ear hurt, so off to the pediatrician we went.  Turns out Aaron's ear is fine, but his throat is red (strep negative, thank God!) and Aaron's pedi says he probably would have put a stitch in it if he had seen it yesterday, but today it was already healing & there's nothing we can do but wait & make sure it doesn't get infected.  

Poor Aaron.  I have so much mommy-guilt about his life. 

Be Warned:  the pictures are graphic & gross. They'll make your knees hurt.

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