Thursday, August 12, 2010

Potty Talk (II)

Remember last March?  When Ian was daytime potty trained

I never updated again.  Perhaps because I was so annoyed and frustrated by the situation. 

Just after I wrote that post, Ian got a stomach bug and had diarrhea.  No, it isn't a pretty subject, but in order to understand where we stand today, you have to know.  He got sick and didn't want to wear underpants.  We couldn't blame him.  It was dis-gust-ing to have a just-barely-potty-trained 3 year old, who struggles to successfully get his pants off in time to sit on the potty, have diarrhea. I'm sure you're getting the idea.  It was a mess. To say the least. 

So Ian was asking to wear diapers again and we let him... we didn't want to be cleaning up that mess either. 

But after he started feeling better, he decided he was not going in the potty any more.  He just refused.  And the one thing we've learned from others' experience is the bigger an issue you make of it and the more you "force" them, the harder it is to train in the long run.  So we didn't force him.  And he was back to wearing diapers full time. 

It wasn't really a problem until yesterday.  We happened into Ian's old school (because he's signed up at a different preschool this year... because he wasn't potty trained) to sign Aaron up for Kids Day Out.  Miss Kelly, the preschool director, said, "oh how funny that you're here!  I was just about to call you.  There's a spot for Ian this fall for preschool." 

Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn.

Ian *has* to be potty trained to go to preschool there.  (You don't have to be PT'd to go to Kids Day Out, you do have to be PT'd to go to preschool.)  They kick kids out for not being potty trained.  That's why a spot has opened up for Ian. 

So now the crunch is on.  Can we get him to do it?  Can we get him to CHOOSE to go in the potty so he can go to school at the place he loves (& is already familiar with and is SO convenient for ME?!) 

If you could pray for Ian and his potty situation, we'd really appreciate it.  Ian knows how to go in the potty and how to not pee/poop his underpants.  He was fully daytime trained just a few months ago.  He is being defiant and stubborn about using the potty.  We need that to change.  We need him to choose to go on the potty... for good. 

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