Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 7 of 21 is just beginning

Day 6 of Potty Training for Ian was great.  He did excellent!  He got up in the morning, took his pants/diaper off when I asked him to (first thing) and then went on the potty all morning.

We left to go to Sam's Club and then to the playground.  Ian used the potty before we left and then had an accident-free outing!

He used the potty when we got home, after his nap, and all evening...including another trip to the store. 

It was great.

On the other hand, Aaron woke up from his nap with a snotty nose.  It literally came out of NOWHERE.  He was fine all morning.  During his nap I heard him cough a couple times, but that's not unusual for Aaron.  By bedtime he was miserable! 

I just don't understand because we haven't been around anyone who was (visibly) sick, we sanitize our hands like crazy people, etc.  Of course, it is next to impossible to keep Ian and Aaron from sharing their germs so now we just start praying that it doesn't last long and that nobody else gets it.


I guess I just start praying that very soon Aaron will be like Ian and won't really get sick much.  But we've had enough colds this SUMMER to make me really fear the winter. 

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