Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It has been 14 days since Ian ditched daytime diapers.  We've had a LOT of success! He has only had pull-ups (at naptime) and diapers at bedtime since then and probably fewer accidents than I can count on my fingers. 

He is getting much  better about staying dry while leaving the house and agreeing to use the potty while we are out. 

He still tries to "get away" with wearing a diaper/pull-up... for instance, we had to be out of the house earlier than usual yesterday morning & in my rush to get everyone washed & dressed & out the door, I didn't immediately take Ian's night diaper off.  He pooped in it while I was in the shower. :-(  The other day, without thinking, Roger put a diaper on him while getting ready for our morning outing and Ian took full advantage of it, peeing several times before we remembered & had the opportunity to take it off. 

But the conclusion among all involved is that we are NOT going back to diapers with him.  Accidents or not, he's officially a big boy now. 

Interesting tidbit:  He refuses to use the little potty in the living room now. He decided early on in this attempt he was only using the big potty in mommy's bathroom.  He gets on it by climbing on a little chair & he is so proud to do his business there. 

We tried for awhile to do a potty chart where he checked off spaces & got prizes from a prize basket and for awhile it worked, but after several weeks of that he lost sight of the goal and we couldn't take the multiple daily tantrums about not getting prizes every time.  We finally gave it up.  Now we randomly reward him with bigger prizes and he gets a hershey kiss for poops... and sometimes pee if he asks for it.  He got a real soccer ball for being 1-week diaper free.  He'll get another something (like another ball or something else in the $7-10 range that we've been thinking of getting him) for 2-weeks dry.  Perhaps we'll keep the weekly prize up until 1-month, then we'll wait until he's day AND  night trained for the big reward that we've been telling him about:  a bike.

Anyway, that's where Ian stands on the potty training.

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