Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weekend Getaway

We left last Thursday afternoon for a quick trip to Washington, DC. Not sure how many more opportunities we'll get before we're a 5-some, we took advantage of my friend Kari's new (very spacious) townhouse in Alexandria and went on our way. We didn't trash it TOO much. I always get really nervous about visiting homes where they aren't accustomed to the under 5 crowd. I think they did pretty well under the circumstances.

We visited the National Zoo and the Air and Space Museum and another little part of the National Building Museum (to play in the toddler play area). We went to Mt. Vernon. (My first time, and unfortunately we had a time constraint the day we went AND I was in a LOT of pelvic/back pain from all the walking that we will have to go back someday.)

We walked around historic Alexandria and just enjoyed ourselves and getting reacquainted with Kari. I think it is the most time we've spent with her since she went away to the Naval Academy 10 years ago! She just moved back to the East Coast from a couple years in Washington State.

We saw some family. And some friends. And we didn't have our camera memory card. So we have very few, low quality pictures.

Now that we've been home for a couple days (and the weather is yucky so we've been inside) I'm feeling much better. My back/pelvic pain is mostly gone and I'm able to walk again. Thank Goodness because I couldn't have made it 10 more weeks the way I was getting around over the weekend!

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