Monday, May 17, 2010

A Space of Her Own

I was waiting until we got home from our little trip to Washington, DC this past weekend to think about setting up the crib for LMV. (Little Miss Vandervort.) We also had an open house yesterday, so we had one more without the extra "clutter" in the bedroom. I use the term lightly because I wouldn't ever want to refer to a crib for my coming daughter as clutter, but it does take up formerly open space and does make the room seem a little more cramped. It is what it is.

We like having our babies in our bedroom for the first few months. It makes night nursing/wakings far easier. This time, we don't have a nursery dedicated solely to LMV, so her crib IS her dedicated space. At some point in the future we will be moving the boys into the same room, but we are trying to keep lots of things the same for the boys to help with the transition. We won't move them out of their own rooms/beds until after the baby is here and we've given them a chance to adjust to her presence in the family.

(I do think it is important, though, to actually have the crib out and set up so that we can talk about it and why it is here and who is going to be using it, etc.)

Speaking of, Ian helped me put it together this morning. He held the sides up for me as I turned the screws, I held the screws as he turned the wrench, etc. It was really cute how excited he was to help me. And then he decided that the space UNDER the crib is now his... as you'll see in the pictures... He got his pillow and blanket from his bed and put it under there, made a little space for himself to play.

And his final word on the new crib set up? "Mommy, I like baby sister's crib."

We'll see how much he likes it in a couple months when there is a baby sister in the crib.

So that should put some of my "nesting" to rest for awhile! We're moving right along. 30 weeks on Thursday.

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  1. Wow, I don't even think I knew you were moving! Very exciting! I love LMV's special space and that Ian wants to sleep under it. He wants to be close so he can protect his baby sister! :)