Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Little Football

This is Roger... probably in the only post I'll ever make.

So, we have a baby girl who will be here in around 10 weeks. As a dad, I think there's is something different about having a girl versus having a boy. Even at three years old, I can see the capability and possibility in Ian. He watches out for himself. In Aaron, he's extremely cautious and knows where to tread lightly. I really hesitate to say "I think they'll be just fine", but I also am not at all worried about their ability to adjust to the world, to make their way, to hold their own.

With a girl.... it just feels...... different.

Is it in a father's nature to feel extremely protective of his daughter ? I think it is. Hollywood examples abound. Mostly guarding his daughter from would-be boyfriends (thankfully, we have a few years to prepare for this type of confrontation...). But this little girl. It's just different. I feel like I really have to straighten up. fly right. do things by the books. set a good example.

The best analogy I can think of is : I feel like a running back who wants to protect the ball and stiff-arm the world.

... "stiff-arm the world". I like that.

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  1. Sweet post, Roger. You should blog more often! :) This reminded me of a sermon I heard last year by Barbie Loflin on Biblical submission. The Greek word hupotasso means "come under the covering of, surrender to the authority of another, in confidence" the idea of submission being that a husband covers over and protects his wife, even willing to die if necessary. Until the wedding day when a father passes on that responsibility to his son-in-law, it's his job to cover over and protect his daughter. Pretty cool huh?