Thursday, April 1, 2010

Feeling the Love!

Lately we've been getting a relatively high volume of packages! Some are things we've ordered for ourselves (like Ian's new car seat, courtesy of Roger's car getting smashed), but most of them are completely unexpected gifts!

We're being SHOWERED with the love of our friends and family and I have to tell you, it is NICE! We've had a rough couple of months and several disappointments and disasters (the gutter/fascia ripping of the side of our house, Roger's car getting smashed, Aaron's health, our house not selling yet, etc.) and I am ever so thankful for these random gifts that are timed perfectly to keep our spirits up!

Thanks so much to all of you! (You know who you are.) I'm trying, really trying to get thank you notes written and mailed, so bear with me. They're coming.

Today's completely unexpected, completely delightful gift?

Some sweet pink stuff for Little Miss! Thank you Rachel, Brian, & Chloe for celebrating all things girlie with us!

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  1. aw yay :) that got there FAST i just mailed it yesterday afternoon!! i saw the post and thought, woah that looks like my puremotif patter/wrapping, then i realized :) haha yay!!