Friday, April 16, 2010


The weather is supposed to be rainy today and cold this weekend (like it always is on Ian's birthday it seems) so we decided last night was a better night to give him his "big" gift and have cupcakes. Roger was having some of his friends over to play a game and grandma and papa happened to be here. We had an impromptu birthday party! Ian's pirate party is coming up next weekend, but for his "official" birthday we will go to CiCi's Pizza (just the 4 of us tonight) and maybe get another small gift... new jammies or maybe a DVD.

Happy Birthday, Ian! I can't believe you're three already!


  1. Happy Birthday Ian! What is the big gift? An outdoor tub? I can't believe it's been 3 years already. Can you believe you're going to have 3 kiddos 3 & under? That's pretty awesome! I hope they grow up being the best of friends. :)

  2. The big gift is his step 2 play sink. It's perfect for him! (And Aaron.) A way to get wet & cool off w/o being a kiddie pool. Kiddie pools kinda gross me out with the dirty feet getting in & out continuously... icky! This sink has a hand pump and they seem to love it!