Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adventurous Eating

We have never forced our kids to eat anything, really, but we've offered and encouraged adventurous eating. If we're eating it, we offer a taste to the boys. Sometimes they'll try it, sometimes they won't. Most of the time, when they DO try it... they find they like it.

Ian's favorite food right now is Asparagus.

When we go to the store, his first question is can we buy fruit? I *always* let him. I guide him to a "good" one for our house for that day and he picks which he wants and we put it in the cart. Then we move on to the veggies and he picks one of those. A couple weeks ago, he had a huge tantrum because I wouldn't buy carrots. We already had carrots at home, but that didn't matter, he wanted them. (Don't worry, the tantrum stopped when we got to the bakery and he got his free cookie.)

Yesterday, we were out and about and had lunch at a little (read: 5 tables) restaurant called Kous Kous Cafe. It is Morrocan cuisine. First, Roger ordered the mint tea, served over ice. Ian tried and liked it. Next came Roger's soup: harira. Aaron asked for a taste and then proceeded to finish Roger's bowl for his lunch.

Ian had several bites of my side salad, with lemon mint dressing. He was tired, though, and didn't eat much...sure did enjoy the Izze Peach Soda, though!

A couple weeks ago, Ian & Aaron both ate their hearts out at Sushi Too. Aaron's favorite part, of course, was the miso soup with tofu & mushrooms. Ian ate some of grandpa's vegetable sushi, chicken katsu, soup, rice, steamed edamame, etc. It was probably a year ago that Ian ate his weight in tabbouleh at Aladdin's eatery.

Of course, just so you don't get the wrong idea... As I'm writing this, Ian & Aaron are charging through their Easter Baskets eating all things chocolatey & sugary.

Aaron already asked for his milk cup, though, and they'll beg for fruit at lunchtime.

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  1. Wow, they are adventurous eaters, aren't they? Miranda does try new things pretty easily and loves fruits and vegetables as well. Not as much as Ian and Aaron do though. Way to go Susan! :)