Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DEAL of the DAY!

Today, on a whim, the boys and I packed up and went to Grove City to meet Emily & her boys for a little sun, shopping, and playing.

We didn't find many great deals and of course, I could've probably spent $1000 and still not gotten everything I was drooling over for Little Miss... anyway...

We did find ONE super deal. (And Only on my way home did I think, "duh, I should've picked up 2 additional ones for Molly Piper!" Mommy Brain is REALLY frustrating sometimes.)

I know you can't see the tags on these, but the tag says $29.50 on each. And the final marked-down price was $2.99. That's right. $2.99. I am tickled pink...literally! Adorable AND inexpensive. Awesome.

They had a TON of them and even some blue ones, in size 0-6 on the bunting and 6-12 on the coat... I seriously suggest checking out to see if your Children's Place has them. And... if you really ask me nice, maybe I'll send my parents over to pick one up for you. (Or two, if you're Molly!)

Have a great day!

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