Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome home from Florida!

I took these pictures today. When we got home yesterday, the driveway was completely covered in snow. We shoveled the side Roger was able to shovel before he left (that only had a bout 8 inches in it) and did as much as we could do of the other side.

I'm seriously trying to find someone to plow the rest out for me. Know anyone?

We're supposed to get 6 more inches between today and tomorrow. I just can't imagine! There's noplace to PUT the snow when you're shoveling it!

And this is what our patio looks like:


  1. To this Texas girl, that looks beautiful. But I'm sure that as much as we're tired of the rain and mud, you're tired of the snow. I should take a pic and post of it of our horribly muddy backyard and dogs. It's awful. This has been a very wet winter in south Texas.

  2. Sounds like you picked a good time to get the heck outta there! Too bad it wasn't melted away by the time you got home though. :) Unless, of course, you like the snow and are looking forward to playing in it. I looks like the snow is as deep as Ian is tall.

  3. We didn't go out and play in it because it is only 17 degrees. I'd spend a half hour getting everyone dressed to play and they'd be cold in 10 min. I do need to dress them up and go out and shovel tomorrow morning. UNLESS someone answers my craig's list ad to remove our snow for us... that'd be awesome!

    Anyway, yes, I had to carry Ian (and Aaron) up the driveway yesterday because it is over Ian's head!