Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Junior Museum"

Panama City has a Children's Museum. We went there today and the kids LOVED it. Ian, who has been *SO* stubborn the last few days had the best time and didn't fight us at all when it was time to leave. He got right in his seat in the car, let Papa buckle him in, and didn't fuss, whine, or scream about anything! It was SO nice to have the "regular" Ian for a change, instead of "vacation" Ian, who is really not a joy to be around at all.

Of course now, he's not taking a nap, so the day is going down the crapper fast.

^there's a snake in there?

^"stand next to the dinosaur and let me take your picture!"
(That's the "best" shot of the 3 I was able to snap before they ran away)

Real live boat right inside!

And a grocery store!

Putting on a puppet show

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