Friday, February 26, 2010

16 Months and "Perfect"

Of course we all know that Aaron isn't perfect. (Nobody is, right?) Today his pediatrician called his development perfect. I wouldn't call it perfect, but he is doing GREAT!

When we think back to last year around this time (I didn't memorialize it on here, but was definitely thinking about it earlier in February) that Aaron had just spent a week at Children's Hospital and his tortocollis was really bad, it really is remarkable that he's above and beyond the developmental milestones for his age now.

His physical development is good, especially in the last weeks since he saw the Allergist and started his new allergy treatments. He's gained a pound since then! He has grown 4 inches since November. FOUR! I knew he was getting taller (can't open the kitchen drawers over top of his head anymore) but four whole inches?! That's a lot. He has only gained 1 pound 2 oz and has fallen off the chart for his weight/age, but who can blame him? His doctor's remark was, "Well he's growing taller and running all over the place, plus he's been sick quite a bit, it's no wonder he hasn't gained much. It isn't concerning to me at all. He's growing fine." His head is still small, only in the 10th percentile overall, but it must not be affecting his brain development!

His social, verbal, emotional, and motor skill development is excellent. He's doing everything he should be doing and then some. His pediatrician was quite impressed with his speech. Not only does Aaron know a lot of words, he's also very articulate. He loves being around and playing with other kids and he's really good at running, climbing, playing with legos, and using a fork. (Gross and fine motor skills.)

He didn't get his MMR vaccination today, like we had planned. He's allergic to eggs and it never crossed my mind! He's had other vaccinations (namely the flu shots, regular and H1N1) that were grown in eggs without noticeable reactions, but his pediatrician decided she'd rather we wait and talk to Aaron's allergist again before we proceed with the MMR. She said, "Just call me a paranoid mother, I guess, I just don't want to take any risks now that we've finally got him breathing better."

She's great. I love her. She's an excellent pediatrician.

He did get the Chicken Pox vaccine today, I guess that one is ok for kids with egg allergies? I was trusting her judgment. I'm going to google it as soon as I'm done typing.

Overall: great appointment. Aaron's a superstar. (But we already thought that.)

I really hope neither kid picked up anything awful there today. We've been "feeling good" for about a week. I guess we're due for the "next round" of whatever... I didn't let them out of the stroller and bathed them each in sanitizer several times, but we were still THERE... icky.


  1. Oh! Don't say that! ("I guess we're due for the next round of whatever.") When you speak what you don't want to happen you're speaking a curse. :( Speak what you want to happen. That's the Biblical definition of a blessing. Like, "We've been feeling good for a week. Praise the Lord! I believe we're going to continue feeling good!"

    Glad to hear that Aaron is doing well!

  2. Thanks, Martina. I know I shouldn't say that, but it just seems that when I DO feel happy and blessed that we've been healthy for x number of days, that's when we end up sick again. I guess I should just not remark about it at all? :_(

  3. I think you should "call things that are not as though they were." Like Jesus renaming Simon as Peter, which means "rock" even though he was the least like a rock at the time! (Or speaking life into dead things.) You have a lot of power with your words, that's all I'm saying. I hear people talk like that all the time and I usually don't say anything but once you're aware of certain language that's actually speaking a curse vs. speaking a blessing, it's hard to ignore it. I hate to hear people unknowingly speak a curse. You tend to get what you expect to get. It's a lot like the power of positive thinking, only it's not a new idea - it's all over the Bible.

    I'm sorry if it seems like I'm coming down on you. That's not what I intend. I just want to share what I've recently been made aware of. Blessing = speaking what you want to happen. Curse = speaking what you don't want to happen. I have no doubts that you want the absolute best for your kids. And calling Aaron perfect is a great example of speaking a blessing over your kiddo! Speak over your kids that they are strong and healthy and whole. It's just like saying a prayer over them only it's saying a blessing. :)

    OK, I'm getting off my soapbox now … Sorry for hijacking your blog post. I probably should have just e-mailed you.