Thursday, January 14, 2010

"You've really latched on to this one"

That's what Roger just said to me. And I think he was using his "teasing" tone. I didn't really appreciate it because you know what? WHO WOULDN'T LATCH ON TO THIS? If you don't latch on to this, if your heart isn't at least stirred by this, you are not a human I want to be associated with. I know he's probably going to feel like a jerk and be mad at me for posting what he said and rightfully so, because I know if he wasn't super busy with work he'd be taking the time to follow this story too. He's not really heartless and he gets passionate about the things I get passionate about when he has 2 minutes to actually think about stuff that isn't work related. So I forgive him for teasing me and making me feel like I shouldn't be "latching on."

Anyway, now that my little disclaimer and rant is out of the way...

There is an orphanage in Haiti that is being run by 2 young women from Pittsburgh. You can read the back story on them here: Love and Haiti

You can read their current situation here: It's Getting Real Bad

You can continue to read updates by following @JanePitt on twitter. She has been faithfully tweeting/blogging the updates on this story as they come in.

My current feeling is this: I know that there are probably hundreds of stories just like the BRESMA orphanage and the McMurtie sisters. I DID latch onto this one because it is local to me. It is being lived by girls for Pittsburgh (Western PA), one of whom is exactly the same age as me. They are working to save children who are the same age as mine. They are doing good work (the Lord's work) down there and darn it, if I can't help them in a tangible way, I'm at least going to try to help them in whatever way I can.

Please do continue to pray over the people in Haiti. Most of us cannot help them in any other way, but we all know that prayer works. So do it. Now.

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