Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lesson Learned: Teaching your kids to throw things away

We think it is super that Aaron will take diapers to the garbage can. And banana peels. And other miscellaneous things we ask him to take there.

But, we've learned a valuable lesson. Children don't possess the ability to know what is garbage and what isn't.

Aaron now likes to throw EVERYTHING he is "done" with into the garbage. And since we clapped and cheered for him for putting diapers in there, he thinks it is a game.

Last night, Aaron was happily playing in the can cupboard in the kitchen. At least that's what we thought. I mean, we could hear him playing with the cans of beans and tomato sauce... Then Roger went to check on him... and discovered that Aaron was actually systematically removing all the cans from the can cupboard and putting them into the garbage can.

This morning, I pulled out a cast-off sippy cup, spoon, and plate out of there.

And it has become my habit of checking the garbage can every time we walk past it... we're also now securing the garbage can on top of the counter. Kinda gross, but necessary while we wait for this phase to pass.


  1. Sam does this all of the time! He is obsessed with garbage, and like you, I have to make sure that there are not pictures and important mail in there! :)

  2. We had that problem with Miranda too when she first learned to throw things away. She's mainly out-grown it but occasionally I do find non-trash items in the garbage. lol