Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Reason I love to buy local!

Today Roger asked me to go to the Strip District to our favorite local coffee roaster, La Prima, to get more coffee.

I went prepared, knowing exactly what I wanted to say because they're pretty "technical" in there and I never want to look like a dummy when I go.

I spent 20 minutes just chatting with the "coffee guys" there and they gave me a cup of coffee AND a 1/2 bag of beans to try!

All because I asked, "What's new? Do you have anything thing different? Anything really interesting?"

They appreciate that we are regular customers and that we are not a business, we drink our coffee at home, but we *kinda* know what we are talking about. Ok, Roger knows what he is talking about and I try to repeat his words when I'm talking shop with the La Prima guys.

You just don't have that kind of experience with places that aren't locally owned/operated.

They know I have 2 little boys who come with me to buy coffee. I know one of them is about to become a father for the first time. And the other one has separate clothes for work and for home because the smell of coffee roasting doesn't come out of his clothes. They know that I'm just the gopher and enjoyer of good coffee, that my husband does the criticism of the beans and brewing.

And they're starting to figure out his likes and dislikes.

And they're asking our opinion.... today we got a not-yet-public Espresso blend that the just came up with so we can try it and give them our thoughts! Won't be released to the public for sale for a couple more months! It doesn't even have a name yet!

Another encouragement to buy local. Good prices, nice people, supporting the local economy.

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