Monday, January 4, 2010


"Though he doesn't appear to be FEELING as bad, dear Aaron is not really doing much better yet. We expected that just as in the past the oral prednisone would work very quickly and he'd be back to breathing well right away. This doesn't appear to be the case this time. His pediatrician explained it by saying that Aaron is probably not as "far long" in the virus as he has been on other occasions and so he's taking longer to recover because he just hasn't finished up with the virus part of the illness. His lungs/bronchioles are not going to get less mucus in them until there is less mucus being produced. This will happen when his little body has finally fought off the virus, you know, in the usual 7-10 day window course for the common cold, a bit longer if the virus causing all this is RSV.

So we are in a holding pattern.

Except, one other thing... He now has an ear infection on top of all the other crap! Aaron is fortunate to not seem to get as many of them as Ian did (pre-tubes) and for that we are very thankful. But right now, it really is the last thing he needs, to have his ear hurting right now.

And our regular pharmacy didn't have the prescription ready for us when we got dthere, a full hour later, so we came home empty handed and will have to make another trip out in the sub-freezing temps and snow to get it later. GRRRR. I don't understand why it is so dang hard for our pharmacy to get and fill our prescriptions properly and in a timely fashion. I hope the pharmacies over on the other side of town are better. Just another reason to get out of Monroeville.

Ian's pneumonia is not back, I had him checked this morning.

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  1. Oh goodness Susan! I'm sorry you and Aaron are going through this. I truly hope he starts feeling better soon. Did you end up in the hospital that night or was this from a regular pediatrician appt?